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April 18, 2023

10 Tips for a More Organised Wardrobe

8 min. read on:

Tired of digging through a disorganised closet that takes forever to find anything in? No worries – a tidy wardrobe is within reach with ten easy tips that will turn anyone into a pro closet organiser.

Let’s jump into our easy wardrobe organisation ideas:

1. Empty your closet

Ready, set, remove! Closet organisation starts with a clean slate, so empty every rack, drawer and shelf to start with a fresh foundation. By now you’ve probably come across closet organisation ideas online that you love, so manifest those for inspiration as you take the first step to a tidy wardrobe. Once you’ve emptied everything, the fun can begin. Don’t forget to grab all those loose shoes from the bottom, and anything lurking at the back of high shelves.

2. Sort your clothes

That neon maxi dress from your gap year Ibiza trip, or that corduroy suit your uncle gave you? Time to go. Take a good look at the clothes you’re holding onto unnecessarily , and give the things you really don’t wear the heave-ho. It’s easy to collect clothing we think we might wear again someday, but be realistic and ask yourself, ‘Will I really?”. If the answer is anything other than a resounding yes, put it in the donate pile. Wardrobe organisation is based on functionality – you want the clothes you wear most often within reach, with special occasion or less worn items stored tidily away, too, so begin to separate your items accordingly. Establish a keep pile, a donate pile, and a sell pile (if that’s your thing). Once you’ve had a good go-through of your clothes, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to organise your new organised wardrobe. Once you’ve established your keep pile, further separate that into sub piles. What do you wear most often? What do you wear the least? What are the items you always seem to grab for when in a rush? By putting these items front and center when you begin to organise your wardrobe, you can make getting ready more efficient and effortless. Face it – do any of us really enjoy digging through a closet when you can’t find what you’re looking for? 

3. Clean your closet

Now that you’ve cleaned out your closet, it’s time to clean it up. Since it’s totally empty, it’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a good dusting and a wipe down. Focus on the corners where dust may have accumulated, and give all the handles, doors and high traffic areas a good de-fingerprinting. Don’t forget high shelves, too. Finally, run a feather duster over the top (if it’s not flush to your ceiling) to catch any loose dust bunnies you may have missed. How good does this wardrobe declutter feel already? 

4. Invest in storage solutions

This is where all those wardrobe organisation idea posts you’ve seen pay off. From perfectly presented closets with monochrome garments hanging evenly-spaced, to matching wicker baskets in a zen-like closet, you’ve certainly come across a few.  You’ve seen the inspo – now it’s time to put the theory behind it into action. By investing in bins, boxes and drawer organisers, your closet can get – and stay –tidy. Baskets, boxes and bins are perfect for open storage and shelves, while in-drawer organisers can keep socks, intimates and more neatly arranged in grids that help make your morning grab-and-go routine even simpler. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can even label your baskets, bins and boxes. Let the wardrobe declutter spirits guide you. And, if you’re feeling particularly inspired to get properly organised with a whole closet refresh, why not design a whole new wardrobe online? With easy-to-configure sections that let you choose hanging segments, internal or external drawers, and so much more, Tylko’s custom wardrobes make organising effortless thanks to their perfect-fit sizing and total customisation options. 

4.1 Use hangers wisely

Gone are the days of cheap metal wire hangers that bend and tangle and tear the shoulders of your garments. Hangers have finally evolved, so it’s time to ditch the cheapies and invest in quality hangers that keep your clothes happy. And why stop there? With colour-coded hangers you can keep things organised or even arrange them by season or designer. Don’t forget soft hangers for silks and delicates, and try not to overstuff your closet. When it comes to closet organisation, only hang what you have to. Tshirts? Fold ‘em up. You’ll save space when you tuck things that don’t need to hang away in drawers, leaving your hanging items more space to breathe, and less room to wrinkle. Who wants to add ironing wrinkled shirts that were packed too tightly to their get-ready list? 

4.2 Use storage boxes

Another great organising idea for closets is boxes. A brilliant way to group together smaller (yet related) items, they help keep these easily-misplaced things neat, tucked away and tidy. Place the boxes on open shelves in your wardrobe for an attractive and put-together wardrobe organisation idea that keeps clutter out of sight, and your wardrobe tidy. No open shelves? Line them along the bottom, or even make a feature out of them next to your wardrobe. When it comes to closet organising ideas, nothing beats a good storage box. Disguiser of everything, unifier of all, they make use of the bottom, sides, top and shelves of your closet like no other organisation tool – and help your closet look put together and professional, too. 

Clothes in wardrobe

5. Maximise your space

We talked about baskets and storage boxes as ideal organising ideas for your closet. But when it comes to bang for your buck (aka making the most of limited hanging space) hanging closet organisers are a tidy wardrobe’s best friend. With great options like trouser hangers that hold staggered pairs (and take up a fraction of the space), skirt hangers that keep long skirts from dragging and save room by storing more than one, and smart hanging racks for shoe addicts to stack up and keep every pair tidy, your closet organisation game can easily level up. These closet organisation hangers maximise your available space and help you keep similar items grouped and ready to grab. High shelves are perfect for things like bags and suitcases, while the things you need the most should ideally be at eye level (aka “easy grab height). And, if you’re still struggling for more space, there’s always a solution: Tylko’s line of customisable wardrobes make designing your dream closet as simple as a few clicks.

6. Organise your shoes

Now that your closet organisation is coming together, it’s time to address your shoes. If your wardrobe has shelves, why not designate some of the lower ones for shoe storage. No shelves? Invest in some pull-out shoe boxes. Available in clear lucite and loads of fun fabrics and materials, they keep shoes visible (or invisible if you prefer) and accessible while keeping them protected from dust, damage, and the dreaded separation from their partner. And they stack, so max out the bottom of your wardrobe with this clever closet organisation idea and pile those pairs as high as you can get ‘em. No room for boxes? Another great wardrobe organisation idea is shoe stackers. They cleverly hold each shoe stacked together and nestled on top of each other so you can fit two pairs where you’d normally fit one, Crucially, they keep the dirty sole of one shoe from touching the top of the other – a professional organising idea for your closet that maxes space and saves your shoes from being soiled – win win. 

7. Keep your accessories organised

Gloves. Scarves. Knit hats. Neckties. You know them – all  the little accessories you never quite know where to put. When it comes to organising ideas for your closet, nothing works better than a few well-placed drawers. By tucking similar items into designated drawers, you can keep your wardrobe tidy and totally organised. If you’re more of an open closet person, small baskets and bins are the perfect wardrobe organisers to corral accessories, while items like belts, ties and silk scarves can be looped through a hanger to keep them easy to grab, too. 

8. Hang your trousers

Hot take: hanging your trousers might be the most space efficient wardrobe organisation idea there is. Think about it: your trousers take up a tonne of space when folded – even more so when they’re hung over a hanger individually in a row in a closet. Every smart closet organiser knows to get trouser hangers. Able to hold multiple pairs in a staggered formation, they slim out the enormous space taken up by trousers, and come in all sorts of fancy configurations – swing arms, clips, magnetic arms  – you name it. Plus, once you’ve hung your trousers, you’ll have loads more room to organise smaller accessories in those now-empty drawers. 

There’s no big secret to closet organisation. A few simple steps (repeated every so often) can help declutter and tidy your wardrobe, while making it more efficient and appealing. And, if you’re feeling stuck you can always check out more organising ideas for closets and get inspired here. Happy wardrobe organising!