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November 19, 2020

3 Simple Steps to Make Colourful Furniture Work in Your Space

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Colour is all around us and no matter your chosen interior style, the power of the palette can be truly transformative. However, if diving head first into a bright and bold makeover feels a little too daunting, start your colour journey the simple way with some carefully chosen eye-catching furniture - vibrant pieces that stand out from the crowd.

The gift that keeps on giving, colourplay is much more than just an aesthetic refresh. A change in surroundings can also bring about a change in our state of mind. Studies have shown what we all instinctively know: that bright colours can affect our mood, lifting our spirits, energising our brains and inspiring creativity.

So where to start? If you’re looking for that colour hit without the paintbrushes and statement walls, our fuss-free guide in 3 simple steps is here to help. Welcome vivid furniture into your home and switch any space from monochrome to technicolour in an instant.

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Commit to bold colour

While choosing an upbeat palette may feel like a major move, if you want to make a tangible change it’s all about confidence. Don’t be afraid to push your usual boundaries. Commit to the new and go for some truly vibrant furniture, whether that’s energising Classic Red (new Type01 Shade) or full-on earthy Terracotta (Type02). The stronger the shade the more impactful the result.

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Balance is Everything

Colour is all about context. For a clean finish we’d recommend sticking to a single ‘hero’ furniture piece rather than multiple mixed colour accents. A strong shade needs a complementary backdrop. You can place your newly chosen vivid piece against neutrals, whether that’s gentle whites or subdued natural shades of wood. A tone on tone approach can be equally effective too, matching an intense colour with a lighter shade, electric blue alongside Midnight Blue for example, will bring new depth to your chosen palette.

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Consider Scale

To maximise the effect of vibrant tones, choose furniture that works in harmony with the scale of your space. Consider the proportions carefully. A large empty wall in a spacious room makes the perfect home for an oversized bookcase that will fill the space.

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To make a smaller room feel more spacious, opt for bold furniture that doesn’t dominate, a Dusty Pink compact sideboard offers practical storage while acting as a visual recharge.

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Keep in mind that your chosen piece will stay with you for years to come. Forget trends and instead choose a colour that speaks to you directly, a timeless shade that will continue to make an impact. Tylko offers a range of vibrant shades across your very own custom-designed furniture. Dare to be bold.