Interior Ideas

March 02, 2017

Don’t Move – Improve! Your Spring Space Spruce-Up

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Feeling a bit meh about your space? Don’t sell up - spruce things up, instead!

Winter is almost over, but the blahs might still be sticking around. If you’re feeling a little uninspired by your surroundings, some super simple tweaks can help inject a breath of fresh air into the most stagnant of spaces – just in time for Spring!

Assess the Damage

First, look around. If your apartment is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders, it might be time to streamline your stuff. The point is to be realistic here, not overly optimistic – getting rid of a few things you haven’t used in years or are just collecting dust is a great starting point!

Tidy Up to Cheer Up

A quick tidy can work wonders for a space that’s lacking in oomph. Organizing your belongings is a great foundation for a happy home. And with shelves from Tylko, any tricky corner or space can become a little extra storage that’s perfectly-fitted for displaying your dearest keepsakes.

Color Therapy

A little color injection can refresh a space and transform it instantly. You don’t have to dig out the paint rollers though – creative options like adhesive (and removable) wallpaper or living plant pot walls can make a bland space look brand new! Even rotating the artwork on the walls can revitalize a room. Little pops of color placed in a space (think throw pillows, quirky accessories in cheery hue, etc) can add a little zing, too.

Share the Love

In Feng Shui, clapping is often used to clear stagnant energy from homes. You could do that, of course, but you could also fill your space with the laughter and happy energy of good company. A space shared is a space enjoyed, so once you’ve had your tidy up and mini-makeover, why not welcome good vibes into your space with a casual get together! Good friends, good food, and good feelings.

So instead of fantasizing about finding a new apartment when yours feels like it’s falling a bit flat, try looking at your own place with fresh eyes! A little Spring cleaning and creative ingenuity is all most homes really need to feel less phew and more fab!