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September 24, 2019

The Tylko Autumn Refresh

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home interior autumn refresh type02 bookshelf sand and midnight blue

‘Staying in’ is about to become the new ‘going out’. It’s time to create that warm, cosy and relaxing space you’ve always wanted - just in time for the colder months.

As the post-summer blues begin to kick-in, we want to wrap up this period with a positive spin. While spring is traditionally the time for de-cluttering, streamlining and renewal, rebranding those slow, post-summer, pre-Christmas months as the ‘Autumn Refresh’ might just be the energy boost we’re all in need of.

A new take on spring-cleaning, we present our simple steps to transform your home into space you’ll never want to leave no matter the season.

Tylko Bookcase

A Ruthless Clear Out

Whether your chosen method is KonMari or simply a freestyle throw-out, it’s time to say goodbye to those unwanted items that surround you. Give yourself room to breathe. Spending more time indoors should make you reflect on the things you actually use and love – and identify those superfluous items whose only function is to gather dust. This isn’t about ultra-strict minimalism. Collecting is one of life’s joys, but if you haven’t looked at or thought about it in the past 12 months, are you really going to miss it when it’s gone?

Put a System in Place

Whether it’s bills or receipts, even in our digital world the paperwork just keeps piling up. Approach these items the same way you would a work document, sort into appropriate categories and file them away as each one arrives. Find a similar way to organise books – perhaps by colour, genre, size or ‘to read’ and stick to this method of storage. Records or recipes, kids toys or winter knits, creating micro systems that work for you – and committing to them – is the kind of small effort that makes a big difference.

Display What You Love

Once you’ve selected the things that are worth holding on to, it’s time to enjoy them. A collection of mid-century vases or mini succulents deserve to be seen and enjoyed every single day. Create a space where your beloved items are always within eyeshot. Whether that’s a full wall of shelves in the living room or a low and discreet sideboard in the bedroom, get the most from your collection by treating your objects to the home they deserve.

Say Hello to Colour

As the nights get longer and natural light becomes scarce, the quickest and simplest way to brighten up your space is with a solid dose of colour. An instant mood-enhancer, your colour scheme can be cool and calming (soft greys, blues or greens) or rich and invigorating (warm terracotta, bold yellow or regal purple). Go all out with a complete room wall makeover, or play it safe with colour-rich accessories. Plants and flowers are the perfect first step in broadening your indoor palette and bonus: they’re biophilic wonders!

A New Perspective

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to gain new perspective…literally. A simple shift can alter how your home feels and improve the ways in which you interact with your space. Switch your sofa to face the window and make the outdoors your focus rather than the television. Working from home? Move your desk into another room for a reinvigorating change of scene. Swapping the position of your favourite artwork or replacing a canvas with a light-reflecting mirror can transform an entire room with minimal effort.