Interior Ideas

June 15, 2018

How to Style with Aubergine – 3 Ways to Rock Our Purple Shelf

3 min. read on:

Think you can’t pull off a rich purple in your place? Think again! Our new aubergine finish makes a surprisingly simple (and stunning) shelf to style.

Eggplant, aubergine, plum – whatever you may call it, this shelf’s rich hue might seem intimidating to introduce into your space if you’re not sure how to style it. Bold colors are a brilliant way to add a little excitement and depth to a room – let’s look at how our new favorite sideboard works in any setting:

Bring on the brass

An elegant (but not over the top) deco staple, brass accessories really pop against the bold purple hue, lending a sophisticated feeling to any space. Aubergine is a great way to introduce a modern, elegant vibe – without the posh pomposity. And if brass isn’t your thing, gold works just as well, fancy.

Big, Bold…Blue!

When introducing a strong color into your space, don’t be afraid to go all out! You can make a style statement by pairing your aubergine shelf with other bold hues – such as rich navy blue, a crowd favorite. Try an oversized, decadent navy armchair or a cosy sofa.  

Get Some Green

What better way to style a rich purple shelf than with plants? If going big and bold isn’t your style, using a variety of species is a great way to add contrast and texture to a styled shelf – naturally! Creating a lush urban jungle lends a softness to the shelf and has the bonus benefit of beautifying your space and the air within it.  

See? Styling a strongly-colored shelf isn’t hard at all!  Whether you choose to go bold with all brass or create your own mini urban jungle – aubergine is surprisingly easy to integrate into any interior!