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January 20, 2017

Get Your Hygge On

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Hygge is hot. Last year, nine books alone were written on this Danish concept of comfort and homeyness. We’ve put together a starter kit on how to hyggify your home - and life.

You must have seen it. That seemingly-unpronounceable word the world is buzzing about. Hygge [hue-gah] is, well… huge. The Danish term for “comfort and coziness that engenders a feeling of well-being” was even shortlisted by The Oxford English Dictionary as 2016’s word of the year. Huh? We all know we want more well-being in our lives. So Tylko’s done the research and we want to offer you 3 simple ways to get your hue-gah on.


Step One

Hygge is considered by the Danes to be a way of life – a northern European form of maximizing the feeling of peace and comfort. No surprise the winter is the most hygge time of year. So, step number one to bringing hygge into your life is to use it in a relevant, everyday sentence. For example: “I love it when it snows. I get all hygge under my cashmere blanket and read books all night long.” Just make sure to go and also do exactly that.


Step Two

The next step for finding your hygge bliss is to focus on pure comfort. Go ahead, hurry back home from work to put those old sweatpants on. Light a few candles. Sigh the moment you settle into the couch with no belt pinching your waist and embrace that hygge feeling. Yes, the Danes even put hygge together with other things to make a new word, like hyggebukser – translated loosely as those old university-days joggers that just feel so comfortable.


Step Three

Finally, home is where the heart is, so, to bring more hygge into your life, you need to bring it into your home as well. For Step 3, we suggest embodying the feeling of well-being with an all-out sort-and-organize sesh. Envision all that hygge swirling around your well-organized vinyls, lined up perfectly next to your sorted magazines (tip: never toss National Geographic) and alphabetized books (ok, you might not need to go that far). For the perfect shelf to hold your goods, check out the Tylko Shelf.


A little hygge goes a long way, and an organised and clutter-free home keeps the cosiness coming. And when you’re finished, slip those hyggebukser on, brew a pot of coffee and settle in under a blanket for cosy time with a favorite book – or person. Now that’s hyggeligt.

Cover photo by Różena Opalińska