Interior Ideas

February 09, 2017

Love Yourshelf* This Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day, be bold and do something for you. No one said this day is just for those in relationships among us. So, go ahead, treat yourshelf*.

While Valentine’s Day might bring on the cold sweats for some of our single readers, it inspires us to celebrate our love for ourself. And because this celebration of what most think of as ‘coupledom’, in fact, is rather tiresome for the single people amongst us, Tylko has cooked up a few tips how to show yourshelf* some love on February 14th.

Red wine, popcorn and a Netflix binge

Nothing beats a solo binge on your latest Netflix obsession. This Valentine’s Day, whip up a giant bowl of popcorn (soy sauce makes a great guilt-free alternative to butter and salt), uncork a bottle of a deep red Montepulciano and settle in for the evening. Forget the sob-story rom-coms – we recommend Luke Cage (chiseled superhero and a badass chick detective!) or the latest season of Sherlock to bend your mind a bit.

Treat Yourshelf*

And this time, we mean it literally. Surely, your house needs a little spruce up and a shelf made-to-fit is just the trick. You can play around with our app from the comfort of your couch and size and see your Tylko Shelf (thanks to our AR technology) in any spot you might want to put it. Seriously, go ahead and try it. You’re a few clicks away from re-organizing your carefully-curated library for maximum function and style.

Listen to that buzzed album

It’s about time you get around to listening to that album or two the whole office has been buzzing about lately. Sure, your go-to Spotify Discovery playlist is a great dose of new tracks every week, but there’s something to savor in listening to a new album from cover to cover (bonus points if you’ve scooped up a new vinyl at your local record shop). Make sure to try out the new Childish Gambino or Solange albums – they both sound even better after repeat listens.

Take yourshelf** out

Sick of endless Doodle attempts to meet with friends at the new restaurant in town? Just take yourshelf** out. Dress however you want, go where ever you feel like, pick a solo seat by the bar and order a cocktail to start. Read a book, chat up the waiter, order a medium rare steak… What. Ever. You. Want.

*Oh come on, just let us have our pun fun.

** While our shelves are easily disassembled and snapped back together, we don’t recommend them on a to-go basis.