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April 21, 2017

Create the Perfect Record Collection in 5 Easy Steps

3 min. read on:

Overwhelmed at record stores? Here's a few easy tips to help expand your record collection without losing your mind in the process!

This year Record Store Day falls on April 22nd. But you don’t need a special day or permission to expand your music collection! Thanks to Tylko’s fully customizable shelves you’ve already got a place to store everything. Next comes the fun part – deciding what you want to put in them. Here’s a few record hunting tips to get you started.

Give the Used Bins Some Love

It’s incredibly tempting to head directly to the new section and pick up a shiny copy of your favorite band’s recent release. Instead, check out the used section to grab some of your favorite albums at discounted prices. Will they have everything you’re looking for every time? No. But that’s where the adventure comes into play.

Embrace the Thrill of the Hunt

Rome wasn’t built in a day – nor will your record collection be. Used sections can be a treasure trove for fans of classic and obscure albums alike, but it will take some time to sort through crates to find the true gems. Block off a few hours (or an entire afternoon) to dedicate to the hunt and enjoy the process. Who knows you’ll find in the store’s darkest corners?

Don’t Give into Peer Pressure

Yes, everything is more fun with a friend, including shopping for records. But even if you’ve got a buddy in town, it’s still okay to ignore their buying advice if your tastes don’t match. No one will dock you cool points if your record collection doesn’t include “classic” albums, or those that “should be heard on vinyl”. After all you’re buying records that are meant to be used – not simply collect dust on the self. (Even though we’re quite partial to a cozy home with record-lined Tylko shelves.)

Check Before You Buy

Records are delicate creatures that can be affected by heat, humidify and the way they’re stored. (Keep them upright, please!) Before you buy your treasures, slip them out of the protective sleeve and look for obvious signs of wear and tear like cracks and scratches. Kim Bruun of the Berlin’s record hunting hot spot Bikini Waxx has more ideas on how to protect your new investment.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Now that you’ve got your new album home, enjoy it! The nice thing about this step is that there’s literally no wrong way to do it. Get down while doing housework. Invite a few friends over and throw dance party. Light a few scented candles and lay on the floor with a pair of headphones. Or hey, why not all of the above?