Interior Ideas

March 17, 2017

The Big Spring Refresh: Get a New Perspective!

3 min. read on:

You’ve had all’s time to shake that space up with a sweat-free Spring refresh! Effort? Minimal. Result? Maximal. We like it.

Spring clean, spring into a new look, spring into style…you’ve heard them all, we’re sure. But, overdone saying or not, this is the season to shake out the rugs and start anew! With that in mind, we’ve put together some interior ideas you can use to easily Spring-ify (sorry, sorry) your home. No cleaning tips, baking powder or bleach required, either.

Start With the Basics

Ok, this one might see obvious, but throw those windows open! Pull back the heavy curtains, let the fresh air in and enjoy the sunlight. Because…you never know when it will vanish again. Has anyone else noticed the weather is insane lately?

Plant Good Vibes

Stale air gone? Time to up the game and get some plants. If you’ve already got an urban jungle, even better! Prune, dust and groom, and make sure they’re watered up. If you’re new to houseplants, we suggest easy-to-maintain succulents or a kitchen herb garden. 

Shuffle It Up

Basically…move stuff around! Sometimes all a space needs to feel fresh is a different layout! Try the sofa somewhere new, shove a sideboard in another spot. And, if you don’t have the space for shuffling, focus on the small bits – change the prints on the wall!  You’d be surprised how little changes can make a big impact.

Out With the Old

Clunky furniture is stifling. Same goes for broken or wobbly – or anything that gives you an eye twitch every time you see it. Spring is the perfect excuse to stop settling and find fresh perspective with some new furniture. Simple and sleek shelves that fit your space perfectly? No hassle, no compromises…just quality that lasts and looks great? Yes please, Tylko.