Tylko Friends

September 17, 2021

Through the Eyes of Meta Studio

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We challenged Berlin-based collective @metastudio to assemble our Tylko Original in Matte Black, and then capture it in their individual creative style. The result? A series of brilliant portraits, showing our most minimalist shelf in all its glory.

To get to know each collective member a little better, we asked them a few questions about their work and how they think the Tylko Original in Matte Black complements their ultra stylish studio space.

Provocative, cheeky, fun and wonderful — those are a few words that come to mind when looking at Christian’s photography. For our collaboration, his style came through the rawness and playfulness of his snapshots, and we don’t think our shelves have ever looked so edgy.

What does a creative, inspiring workspace look like for you?

For me it’s most important that my workspace feels alive. But in a quiet way. I like understatement. I like plants. I like space. I like my space clean and minimalistic, but with a touch of bold and a loud contrast.

What are some of the themes you explore in your work?

I always try to find something special in everyday life. It can be a frying pan or a beautiful sunrise. From a bloody nose to an old car. From a flower to a human. In total I try to find life in my work to let my photographs come alive. 

What do you like most about the Tylko Original in Matte Black shelves? 

I like that they are a bit like me. Organized but chaotic.

Janine’s portraits are strikingly pure and beautiful. The meaningful way she uses light to capture a certain mood provokes an intense emotion in the viewer, making it hard to look away. In her work for us, Janine created a fashion shoot that elevated the Tylko’s elegant lines and statement style.

Where and when do you feel most creative?

I’m most inspired by my surroundings. To be honest, the studio is such a big part of my life and I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to work with such nice people. I mean, you can’t schedule your creativity, sometimes it’s just the situation I find myself in and sometimes I need a change of scenery. Traveling, even if it’s just outside of the city, is often the most inspiring to me.

What (mood, narrative, idea) did you want to create with the pictures you took for us?

For me, the Tylko Shelf is an absolute design element. I decided to use the shelf as a complementary element for a fashion shoot instead of using it as the main focus. The idea was to play with shapes and lines. In some images the straight and geometric forms are juxtaposed with the organic shape of the human body and in other images the outfits mirror the lines of the shelf.

How would you describe the Tylko Original in Matte Black?

The Tylko in Matte Black is both the backdrop and the focus of our office. The geometric and straight form, plus the new black colour, gives the shelf an elegant aesthetic. The best thing is that you can tailor the shelf for your personal needs and preferences. We decided to create our shelf with a lot of doors to hide our personal stuff but, we also have a lot of open compartments for nice decoration.

Ruben’s work immediately evokes a sense of luxury and glossiness. His photographs show very clear, perfect lines, yet they also have a graininess that gives his portraits an original edge. For our collaboration, Ruben focused on the clean, graphic structure of our Tylko, bringing to light its premium, sophisticated nature.

What do you need in your environment to feel creative?

Less is more in this case. For me, a tidy environment is very important in order to be able to think creatively and properly focus best on my work.

How would you describe your artistic aesthetic?

That’s a tough one because I never really wanted to commit to a certain style. Every day I get a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and then I simply want to implement everything that comes to mind. But if I had to label my style, I would describe it as very graphic and clear. I like to combine clear lines with organic imagery. I guess these are the moments my inner communication designer comes out.

What aspect of the Tylko in Matte Black did you want to shine through your pictures?

I tried to show the beauty of its structure in my pictures. It just looks so lovely in the afternoon when the sunlight hits the surface.

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There’s a wonderful spontaneity that comes through Jules’ pictures. Every portrait feels so natural, and it’s this authenticity that brings his pictures to life. He captured the studio members assembling our shelves and we love the fun and energetic vibe that comes through.

What do you enjoy most about working as a collective?

I really like the exchange between my colleagues and me. Working alone can feel lonely and monotonous sometimes. I love that I can always get a second opinion on something, some nice talks or a little table tennis match.

A lot of your photography feels very natural and spontaneous. How would you describe your artistic style?

I would describe my style as very authentic and pure. Emotions play a big role in my pictures, since I always try to get real emotions out of the people I photograph. Even when I shoot staged photos I try to get an honest reaction from my subjects.

What vibe and value does the Tylko in Matte Black bring to your space?

The shelves complete our studio design in a very elegant way. We have a very high ceiling with glass walls and black steel framing. The black steel and the Tylko in Matte Black go very nicely together and give the room a great look. It’s also a perfect spot to display our portfolio books and cameras of course.

A director, videographer and editor, Torben creates incredibly mesmerising visuals. Shot in stunning locations, his work explores meaningful themes, such as relationships and the internal dialogues we have with ourselves. His fast-paced footage of the studio crew assembling the Tylko makes us wish we were there too.

What inspires you about working in collaboration?

We were all super thankful to have been provided with the Tylko products. What inspired me was the challenge to create something that transports the vibe of our studio, but also fits the products. We had a great day assembling the shelves, spending time together and making our space even more beautiful. I wanted to capture the fun we had and how intuitively the assembling process works.

Your work is really beautiful and covers some pretty meaningful themes. How did you translate your artistic style when shooting the Tylko in Matte Black?

I decided to go for two different styles for both videos I did. One was quite moody and slow, and the other one was cheerful and fast. For me the Tylko products are about sleek and simple design, but also about the freedom to creatively use the spaces the products provide. So I tried to capture those two aspects in the videos.

Did you decorate your workspace as a group project, and what was the vibe you were going for when selecting the Tylko in Matte Black?

The Tylko in Matte Black fits the simplistic and industrial design of our studio perfectly. Obviously we wanted to use the shelves as space for storage, but we also wanted to emphasise the Tylko in Matte Black as a decorative part of our studio. We’re super happy with the combination of practical storage and sleek design elements.

Loving what you’re seeing? Customise your own Tylko Original in Matte Black and see how good it would look in your space.