June 19, 2017

Supersize Your Shelf: 5 Reasons to Go Bigger with Tylko

2 min. read on:

The results are in: bigger is better. Here’s why our new extended-width shelves are changing the storage game!

Whether you’re keeping a kayak or stashing something equally sizable, Tylko’s got you covered. With widths up to 4.5m, our new extended shelves make even more storage just as manageable. Here’s five quick reasons why:

Curb the Clutter

You got stuff. We got storage. It’s meant to be. Whatever you have at home, whatever you love to do and whatever your favorite things, Tylko has the shelf for you.

So Long, Size Envy

Huge wall that no furniture seems to fill (#spaceenvy)? Not anymore! With adjustable widths up to 4.5m, your space – little or large – can have a perfect-fit shelf. One-size-fits-all? We don’t believe in that around here.  

Banish the Boring

Grid. Off-center. Staggered. With wider widths come more design options. Play with the configurator and see how the width gives you more room to store – and more room to play – with design!

Hasta La Vista, Hassle

As always, no matter the size, Tylko shelves come delivered free, flat packed and ready to assemble with no tools. And if for any reason your new mega shelf doesn’t dazzle, you can return it for free for 100 days – no quibbles, no questions.

Bye Bye, Buyer’s Remorse

Ever heard the adage “Buy cheap, buy twice”? Tylko uses sturdy FSC-certified birch to make sure your supersized shelf never sways or sags, and stays as sturdy as the day you bought it – for life.