February 26, 2017

Shelf Day: Yes, It’s a Thing and Here’s How You Celebrate It

2 min. read on:

That’s right. There is officially a holiday to salute the shelves that tirelessly support your stuff!

They’re often overworked and even more often simply overlooked. Shelves are the most supportive part of any home: they hold 1000’s of your favorite songs, family memories, even lounging cats – all without a complaint or (hopefully) wobble. This Shelf Day, why not take a moment to celebrate and spoil your shelves? In preparations for February 27th, we have a few tips to help you honor the humble and often under-celebrated shelf. Break out the bubbly and blow up the balloons. Shelves gotta shine!

Pre-Party Prep

For any honored party guest, prettification prep is a must! Gently dust your shelf off. Use a scented cleanser. Light a few candles. Tidy up the contents. Cobwebs? Ick! This is a special day. Treat yo’ shelf!

Shelve Some Style

Now that your shelf is looking fresh, take a moment to check its outfit. Is anything sticking out? Is something not flattering? Maybe now’s a great time to try a whole new look. It’s a celebration, after all, why not go a little wild! Glitter. Confetti. These are always good ideas.

Snap a #shelfie!

Finally, show off a little and celebrate your shelf’s special day with a fabulous photoshoot. Set the lighting, pop on a party playlist, choose some flattering angles (though Tylko shelves look great from any angle), and get snapping! Share your shelfies on social media (obvi with the hashtag #tylkoshelfie) and show the world how much you love your shelf. It’s the one day a year people won’t make fun of your design furniture obsession.

Ok, so we don’t expect you to really throw a party for your shelves (though any excuse to pop the bubbly is a good one), but taking a few minutes on Shelf Day to thank your super-supportive shelf friends can’t be a bad thing, right? Or,  you can just use it as an excuse to treat yourself to a new one. Also awesome. Happy Shelf Day 2017!