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November 20, 2018

Talking Tylko: Our Top Shelf Customers Have Their Say

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Ever wondered what Tylko owners think about us? Get the real scoop on the Tylko experience - straight from the horse’s mouths.

With over 13,000 happy customers and unique shelves shipped all over Europe, we’re super stoked to have made a bit of a buzz by offering an effortless way to get perfect-fit, customized furniture – without the bummer of bespoke prices. Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience with Tylko.

People are excited about how easy using the configurator to customize is:

“The ability to customize your shelf according to your needs is absolutely ingenious! Just move a couple sliders back and forth, decide the height and width, add drawers or doors here and there…and it surprisingly never loses its unique design! Somehow every option always manages to plop back into a stylish shelf! (How in the world do you even program such magic!?).” – Jan, Germany

“Ever had a personalized manual? Well, that is just the beginning! From A-Z, the product is just spot on!” – Job, Netherlands

And they’re really loving the augmented reality app:

“I had so much fun making my Tylko! It’s so easy to do and with the AR app you know exactly how it will look in your room.” – Finet, Netherlands

The app is pretty fun – you can see a live, 1:1 scale render in your space. Take a look.

The tool-free, snap-together assembly has a lot of people talking, too:

“Easiest assembly of furniture in the history of mankind!” – Caroline, Belgium

“You won’t really have any questions about the assembly. Thanks to the color-coded connectors the positioning of every element is totally clear. The drawers and the doors are so easy to put together, too!” – Stefan, Germany

“I never picked up an electric screwdriver once.” – Taki, UK

See? It takes no tools…and no time at all. The shelves just snap together!

We use 13 layers of compressed birch plywood to make sure the material keeps people wowed:

“The wood is really, really good quality. Even my (carpenter) brother was impressed!” – John, Germany

“The most beautiful shelf that we’ve bought so far. The quality of the material, the details and the design – everything on point!” – Dirk, Germany

And the ability to choose the exact dimensions and details for a perfect fit has people pumped, as well:

“It’s so great to have a custom product to fit exactly what I wanted. Five stars for the shelves!” – JoEllen, Sweden

“The shelf fits exactly to the little corner of our living room and offers an unbelievable amount of storage space.” – Charlotte, Germany

We put our customers first and it shows! People were really pleased with how their customer service experience went:

“Customer service on the top level – all of the customer’s needs are taken into account.” – Laura, Germany

“When we were stuck on how to put two parts of the shelf together, the hotline was incredibly competent and helpful! Huge thanks for all the help!” – Anja, Germany

“From the first time we saw the website, tried the AR app and experienced the great customer service, through to the finished shelf (including foolproof assembly manual) – everything was perfect! Dear Tylko: we would definitely buy again with pleasure!” – Robert, Germany

“I think you are well on the way to changing the world with your custom shelves –  a simple app, reasonable production times, neat packing for shipment, crystal clear assembly instructions…and a great shelf once completed!” – Vincent, France

You heard it here – whether your space needs special-sized storage or you’re looking for a perfect-fit piece of furniture to last a lifetime (and longer), with Tylko you get a one-of-a-kind product and shopping experience. Every home is different and so are its owners. It’s our job (and pleasure!) to make sure every unique shelf makes its just-as-unique customer happy.

We proud to have over 1000 five-star reviews (and counting)! If you’d like to read more, visit the site to see how our customers love Tylko.