October 27, 2017

Trick or Treat Yourself to Some Boo-tiful New Shelves

2 min. read on:

Calling all Halloween fans! We’ve renamed our shelves with some season-specific shades that every ghoul and goblin can get behind.

Any vampire, ghost or goth can tell you that when it comes to home decor, finding fitting furniture can be, well… a nightmare. Luckily, Tylko has come to the rescue for our darkness-loving friends with perfect-fit furniture that perfectly fits their lifestyle, as well.

To begin, what creepy castle is not complete without a Dracula Black shelf? In a stunning matte black finish (who needs to see their reflection anyway, am I right?), it can be sized up – or down – to suit the most spacious of halls… or the cosiest of coffins.

Next, what witch or wizard would not want a Ghostly White shelf for their spell books and goblets? Sturdy, sleek, and stylish – frogs’ legs and hair of bat will be stored safely – and even tucked behind customised doors, should certain ingredients remain best hidden.

Finally, what creature dead or alive can’t appreciate a well-built shelf in Ghouly Grey? A little naughty, a little nice – it’s where darkness and light meet… and store their most treasured trophies from beyond the grave.


Tylko shelves have been the go-to custom choice for creatures of the night (and us regular folks, too) since 2015 – why not bring yours home today!